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Integrations Platform Engineer

Published on Sat, 04 Mar 2023 14:35 UTC
(202 days ago)

Crisp is a customer service software. Around 300K companies around the world use Crisp to help their customers. Around 200M visitors are using the chat widget every month.

Our mission is to make the next-generation customer support app for startups. An app that makes customer support easier for end-users & support agents.

Our company is fully bootstrapped since 2015 and there is no VC onboard. We are currently 11. Half of the team is based in Nantes, France, and the rest is based all around the world.

What is the plan 💡

As a part of our growth strategy, Crisp is creating an app store allowing companies using Crisp to integrate with other platforms.

We are currently integrated with 30+ different channels, including messaging channels (Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Slack, Discord...), CRMs (Hubspot, Zoho Pipedrive, ...), CMS (Wordpress, Shopify, ...), tools for developers (GitHub, Trello, Jira), and no-code tools (Zapier, Segment, Piesync).

Most of our integrations have been made internally using our own public API and are designed to be simple and modular.

Our plan is to integrate Crisp with many other channels as improving current ones, so companies can do more using Crisp.

Ambition at Crisp is having everyone in companies supporting customers on the same roof: From support teams, sales, engineering.

*Here are examples of integrations we are planning to build integrations in various fields:

For Developers:

  • Allowing adding tasks on GitLab / Github when a customer from Crisp
  • A widget allowing to track issues affecting a customer on Sentry from Crisp

For Support Teams:

  • Allow receiving calls using support using third-party tools (Aircall, Ringover)
  • Handling new messaging channels

For Sales:

  • Allowing to create/edit deals on Pipedrive / Hubspot / Salesforce right from Crisp
  • Connect Crisp to other CRMs / ERP

What I will be doing 🧐

Crisp is a small team with great ambitions. By working at Crisp you will:

  • Code and design new integrations
  • Maintain some of our existing integrations
  • Partner with the core team and design
  • Drive your own roadmap so more integrations can be released
  • Help on improving documentation for our developer center (to be released)
  • Help to build a remote team so we can scale the progress of building integrations

What skills are required 🔧

  • Communication skills & empathy
  • Experience with Golang, as most of our existing integrations are based on Golang.
  • Knowledge of Rest APIs and Oauth patterns.
  • Experience with front-end frameworks
  • Being pixel-perfect means something to you
  • You know what is a Dockerfile
  • You already played with Redis

What are the benefits 😎

  • A brand new Macbook (sorry if you are a Linux person 🙈 )
  • At Crisp, most people have multiple skills (Ex: Design + Dev, Sales + Marketing, Sales + Video Editing, Support + Code). You can create your own job based on what you like doing.
  • We are a remote-friendly company and didn't wait for the Covid pandemic to allow remote
  • Crisp is a growing company and you will be a part of this success.
  • Annual retreat with the team
  • No deadlines. What should be done, should be done right, no matter the time it takes.
  • No individual KPIs.
  • We are a horizontal team

How to apply?

  • Send us a message about why you'd like working at Crisp
  • Tell us who you are
  • Feel free to attach your Github profile (you don't need to have a 500 stars+ project, most people at Crisp don't even have 5+ stars projects)
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