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Codie, who?

Meet Codie, a gender fluid geek who is half human and half machine. It's neither a he nor a she. Codie doesn't conform to any conventional norms and doesn't like to be put into any predefined boxes. Codie is a nerdy cyborg who is our mascot and guardian of this site. Codie is a symbol which represents the beauty and inclusivity of our wonderful craft. Software development is a trade which doesn't discriminate against any ability, gender, race or religion. There are not many other professions which are this accessible, transformative and opportunistic as software development has been to many people over the last couple decades. Computer engineering is a field which allows people from many different backgrounds to make a successful career. Codie is our little daily reminder that it doesn't matter who you are, where you come from or what you believe in, anyone can excel in our field!

At Keyboard Jobs we aim to create the most inclusive job board for software developers. If you think a job listing violates our Community Guidelines then please do not hesitate to report the job listing in question as soon as you can.

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