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Why Keyboard Jobs?

Reach software developers before anyone else

Keyboard Jobs is loved by thousands of software developers. Speaking to engineers at user groups and conferences we have found that Keyboard Jobs is in fact many software developer's favourite job board. They love the simplicity of our job board, they love Codie and what our mascot stands for and they really dig the love, detail and thought that we have put into creating a software developer specific job board. Being able to quickly see the main job details at a single glance is what impresses our users most.

Software developers come to Keyboard Jobs first before they visit any other job board. Quite frankly, if you want to be seen first, before your competitors who advertise elsewhere, then you should post your job ad here!

Mobile first and beautiful responsive design

Our job board has been designed for mobile devices first. You might be thinking why is this important? Well, it turns out that 8 out of 10 software developers start their job search from their mobile phone. They might be commuting home from a long day at work, sitting at the dinner table over the quiet Christmas period or simply being bored and browse jobs from the office cafeteria during their lunch. On average job seekers open 3-4 job boards on their phone and immediately discard the ones which don't look great on their phone.

Keyboard Jobs makes sure that our job board as well as every published job ad look stunning on a mobile device. Job seekers get stuck on our job board when they browse from their phone!

Because your job listing matters

Have you ever noticed how other job boards prioritise their own click rate above your paid-for ads? You spend time and money on creating a thoughtful job ad only so prospective candidates get distracted with a dozen other job listings plastered all around and below your ad. We don't think this is fair.

At Keyboard Jobs we never show "recommended", "similar" or other distracting job ads (which have nothing to do with your company) on your personal job listing's page.

Fast no-nonsense job board

When a website doesn't load fast enough then people go back to their search result and start opening more tabs. They might come back or they might not. If they find what they were after elsewhere then they most likely won't. Losing an opportunity due to a badly performing web application is unforgivable we think. This is why speed matters.

Keyboard Jobs is built to be extremely lean and fast. We don't load 5 dozen JavaScript frameworks on the client side, we don't load hundreds of third party trackers just to know if a job listing performs well or not. We simply focus on one thing and one thing only: Delivering the most beautiful job ads in the most efficient way. We might be biased, but we don't believe anyone else does it as well as we do.

SEO optimised

At Keyboard Jobs every job listing is displayed in a SEO and web crawler friendly way. We pay careful attention to which HTML we output and we try to make intentional use of semantic elements where appropriate. We continuously monitor and tweak our website to give job ads the best chance in being found away from our property too. Our job ads also integrate well with Open Graph and Twitter cards!

More goodies coming soon

We think Keyboard Jobs is already the best place for software developers to find their next job, however, we still have more great things in the pipeline and can't wait to add more features which will make Keyboard Jobs even more worthwhile.

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