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--- Promoted jobs ---

Attio Senior Product Engineer - Frontend
🇬🇧 £90k-£115k (yearly salary)
Fingerprint Senior Data Engineer
🇺🇸 $97k-$138k (yearly salary)
Forte Digital Engineering Manager
Backend Management Frontend JavaScript TypeScript Java .NET
🇵🇱 PLN 20k-PLN 26.5k (monthly salary)
alcemy Backend Engineer (Python)
Backend Frontend DevOps TypeScript Python
🇩🇪 €60k-€85k (yearly salary)
DrDoctor Fullstack Developer (.NET C#)
Backend Frontend DevOps .NET C#
🇬🇧 £47.5k-£67k (yearly salary)

--- Latest jobs ---

Crunchbase Staff Machine Learning Engineer
Backend Python
🇺🇸 $200k-$225k (yearly salary)
Crunchbase Staff Data Platform Engineer
Backend DevOps Python
🇺🇸 $175k-$195k (yearly salary)
Firezone Founding Engineer
Backend Elixir Rust
🇺🇸 $100k-$180k (yearly salary)
Ripley Chat Senior Engineer
Backend Frontend Java Python Ruby
🇬🇧 £50k-£60k (yearly salary)
Metriport Founding Software Engineer
Backend Frontend Node.js
🇺🇸 $70k-$120k (yearly salary)
PriceHubble Senior FrontEnd Engineer - Angular
Backend Frontend Python JavaScript Java
🇩🇪 €45k-€65k (yearly salary)
PriceHubble Platform & Site Reliability Engineer
Backend DevOps Python
🇦🇹 €30k-€55k (yearly salary)
alcemy Fullstack Engineer (Python/TypeScript/React)
Backend Frontend DevOps TypeScript Python
🇩🇪 €60k-€85k (yearly salary)
Forte Digital Junior .NET Developer
Backend DevOps Frontend .NET C# JavaScript Java Node.js
🇵🇱 PLN 6k-PLN 9k (monthly salary)
Wazoku Senior Software Developer
Backend Frontend Java TypeScript JavaScript Python
🇨🇴 $32k-$36k (yearly salary)
Attio Senior Product Engineer - Backend
🇬🇧 £90k-£115k (yearly salary)
DrDoctor Junior Fullstack Developer (.NET C#)
Backend DevOps Frontend .NET C#
🇬🇧 £37k-£49.5k (yearly salary)
Attio Engineering Manager
🇬🇧 £130k-£180k (yearly salary)
Wazoku Frontend Software Developer
Backend Frontend Mobile JavaScript Java TypeScript
🇬🇧 £40k-£45k (yearly salary)
DrDoctor Contract Data Engineer (6 Months)
Backend DevOps Python
🇬🇧 £100-£600 (daily rate)
Wazoku Senior Software Developer
Backend Frontend DevOps JavaScript Python Java TypeScript
🇬🇧 £60k-£70k (yearly salary)
Bally's Android Developer
Mobile Java Kotlin
🇬🇧 £45k-£65k (yearly salary)
Varsity Tutors, a Nerdy Company Senior Software Engineer (Back End)
Backend Go Ruby Scala Java
🇺🇸 $165k-$185k (yearly salary)
Forte Digital Senior/Lead .NET Developer
Backend Frontend DevOps .NET Java
🇵🇱 PLN 15k-PLN 20k (monthly salary)
DrDoctor Senior Engineering Manager
Management Backend Frontend C# .NET
🇬🇧 £80k-£88k (yearly salary)

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